We attended the International Logistics Exhibition (SIL) with Getac


In the month of June we participate in this fair, the leading salon of logistics and maintenance in Spain and southern Europe, where we present the Rugerizados teams of GETAC that we market for this sector.
The manufacturer decided to attend this event with the participation of Tempel Group as a local distributor, so that the contacts that were generated during the event could be managed directly by our commercial team.

In SIL, we exhibit a complete range of mobility solutions that guarantee a more efficient management of warehouse control. In addition to these products, we also presented the latest news from Getac and a wide variety of complete solutions, capable of responding to any need.

Designs to survive
With more than 35 years of history, Tempel Group is allied with the manufacturer GETAC to make available to professionals technological innovation in rugged equipment: laptops and tablets designed to withstand. GETAC has been developing exclusively mobile Rugerizados systems for 25 years, a line of special devices for aggressive environments where robustness and quality are combined to exceed the most demanding expectations and needs of our customers.

The most innovative technologies of the market have been incorporated in these devices, designed to encourage the automation of processes and the performance of the professionals who work in critical conditions, guaranteeing precise measurements. The wide range of products Getac It has proprietary technologies such as Lumibond for ideal visualization in "outdoor" environments, efficient thermal dissipation in tablets and notebooks, and night vision for greater reliability in security applications. They are devices that allow to work at full capacity in sectors such as natural emergencies, field measurement, transport or defense sector.

Although they have the lowest error rate on the market, all products have a warranty of 3 to 5 years depending on the model, which provides absolute confidence in the face of any failure of the device. We also provide an excellent pre and Postsale service managed by highly qualified personnel, collaborating with the technological partner Getac to offer solutions that facilitate the work and improve the performance of the most demanding professionals.

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