Measuring and control equipment

In Tempel Group we have been distributing more than 40 years Measurement and Control Products For professionals. The efficiency of our customers ' facilities depends very much on our products. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service that includes: trainings, pre/postsales advice, calibration certificates and technical assistance.

Multimeters and tweezers Clamp

Our Multimeters And Clamp tweezers They are designed so that you can perform your work with more agility and speed: you will enjoy more efficiency and precision in all your tasks. We offer an extensive range that ensures accurate measurements and constant use.

Electrical detectors and Testers

We distribute the necessary tools for the electricians who perform their work in industrial installations. Our Detectors And Voltage Testers Two-pole is easy to use and features an ergonomic and pocket-sized design. In addition, its excellent technology provides impeccable measurement and safety.

Environmental measuring Equipment

Maintaining the purity of the air in the buildings is essential; With our Environmental measuring Equipment You will be able to check the health conditions in any place. Do you need to measure the LuminosityThe NoiseThe Moisture or the Temperature of your business? Our wide range of devices will help you to know the reality of the environment where you are.


The measuring devices and electrical installation testers that we market are designed to prove the insulation of infrastructures. In the same way, they are a fundamental prevention tool to avoid possible fires and accidents. They are also essential for prolonging the durability of electrical installations.


We distribute kits intended for training and professional use and which comply with R.E.B.T. regulations. For example, our new installation tester can be used to carry out all the basic demonstrations required by the regulations. In the same way the luxmeter is prepared to measure all types of luminaires.

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