The new B360 offers fast response with a 10th generation Intel® processor Core™ and Intel® UHD Graphics. This lightweight, fully ruggedized laptop meets the latest ruggedness certifications. And because it's designed for extreme conditions, the B360 is reliable and ready for work. The B360 is ideal for the public safety, utility, and industrial production industries.

The Laptop B360 is a computer with a 10th generation Intel core i processor and UHD graphics. Its 2.32Kg makes it one of the lightest ruggedized laptops on the market. It is specially designed to work in extreme environments and meets all the certifications of robustness.



The B360's screen is capacitive touch, which allows it to be used with the finger, stylus or gloves. In addition, thanks to LumiBond® 2.0 technology and the high brightness of 1400 nits, which makes it the brightest multitouch screen on the market, it can be read in full sunlight without any obstacles.



The B360 Portable is a device that complies with the MIL-STD-810H and MIL-STD-461G standards. It also has IP66 protection and can work in environments with temperatures from -29ºC to 63ºC.



The equipment has the newest connectivity, to be able to work without cuts and at the maximum speed available. For this, the equipment has Bluetooth 5.1, WiFi6, is compatible with 5G and positioning via GPS.



The B360 Pro is the big brother of the B360 and has a second layer with a larger battery, the possibility to add a DVD or BluRay and has an additional serial port. This gives it a longer battery life and the ability to install and perform data backups at higher speeds.

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