The F110 has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of public safety, utility and industrial manufacturing applications

The F110 is designed for the most demanding environments. Proof of this is that at Tempel we have our most important success story with this team. Oriented towards the sectors of public safety, industrial maintenance, utilities, mining,... It is a powerful equipment that offers great versatility.



The F110 is a tablet that has the option to install powerful Intel core i7 processors, but with maximum security. Sized like a DIN A4, with its 11.6" screen, its double battery, windows10, 7th generation (Version G4) and 8th generation (Version G5) processors,... makes this a fast and reliable tablet.



The F110 was designed to have not one removable battery, but 2 hotswap batteries, so that we can work for long periods of time with it or even that the tablet is running 24×7.



With a size of 11.6" and LumiBond® 2.0 touch screen technology, it allows this tablet to be read in full sunlight or in high light environments. Even if the day is rainy or we are in a humid environment, the F110's touch screen continues to work.



The F110, complies with MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461G standards, and has IP65 protection against dust and water. By complying with the ATEX&IECEx Zone 2/22 standard, the UX-10EX can be used in potentially explosive environments.

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