Computer Engineering

At Tempel Group We supply all the Computer components You need to design an industrial system. We are experts in the development of hardware solutions, designed for these environments. We offer to our customers the monitoring and control options oriented to the Automation of production plants. We supply embedded PC and software, enracables computers, PC Panel and monitors.

Industrial chassis for PC

Industrial Chassis

In Tempel Group we have a wide range of chassis for industrial applications. These devices are designed to maintain excellent performance in high-demand-rate environments. We distribute formats Rack 19 ", Desktop, Wallmount And Chassis For embedded boards.

CPU Boards

CPU Boards

Modular systems based on Backplane and plate CPU They are built on the basis of different processor architectures and comply with the regulations PICMG. They offer different configuration options: ATX, MATX and Server motherboards, all compatible with our industrial chassis.

Pc Panel

PC Panel

Automation and industrial control are our main business areas. Our catalog of PC panel solutions covers the most demanding needs. We supply devices in a wide Variety of sizes; From 5.7 "to 24", and in different Formats: 4:3, 16:9...

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